Shown with Matrix Upgrade
DEC 2014   A  printrbot Simple Metal kit acquired and immediately assembled.
Started by extruding 1.75 mm PLA filament thru a .40 mm tip on an ambient 150mm X 150mm stock bed (not shown).
From there progressed to a printrbot 150 X 150 heated bed (not shown) that ironically was never powered for heat, then....

DEC 2016  After months of procrastination, the Matrix Precision 200mm X 200mm bed was installedand then....

JAN 2017  8" heat plate added to Matrix bed upgrade on printrbot Simple Metal,
along with SSR for bed heat control and heavier DIY Power Supply.
Note the absence of blue tape, Buildtak has replaced it.

 First thang to do after the upgrade....print outboard stabilizers for the printrbot base.

April 2017 After printing the above outboard stabilizers, print quality seemed to
progressively deteriorate to a point of intolerable.
The Matrix bed in my mind has/had a lot of mass/weight
which caused proper belt tension to be even more critical to prevent axis drift.
In addition, in this application there was tilt forward (gap) the further to the front one printed.
While suspected but not certain that was caused by the PLA printed Y arm extension,
I do know shims never got prints to the point desired.
That bed is now gone via ebay and replaced with printrbot's 150X 250mm heated bed.
This is where the project is of 04/26/17
Do not believe BuildTak will be used on this bed,
as the height tolerance (sweet spot) for proper adhesion is very narrow.

May 2017  Have designed and printed the most practical object to date
that perhaps has turned out to be impractical to print.
While building this cedar bird feeder recently, I had one of those
"What If.." moments which resulted in designing a feeder bottom seed tray/base
in Cubify Invent, which resulted in..
...this 203 X 140 X 15mm* eight plus hour print
using close to 34 meters of filament.
This was the first real print on the printrbot 250mm bed upgrade
which produced good results.

In any event, don't expect many more bird feeders of this style to be forthcoming
as this one has proven to be more costly and time consuming than a solid wood feeder.

*Dimensions are very close to those on the original cedar feeder.

LED strip light housing (thingiverse)
printed on the Select Mini for the Simple Metal.
Printed in vertical orientation to test model/bed adhesion, it passed !
An improvement I didn't know was needed,
that now would not be used without.
Wire Harness Support printed Jan 2017

Below are a few examples of what can be.
Cardboard box hinges (thingiverse)
These are designed with a thru pin and intended to be printed as one piece,
A good test for printer and Gcode parameters, the Select Mini produced better than satisfactory results.

What is this, you ask.
It's a spent primer collector for a LEE Turret Press,
had I not just realized the PIC showing the press atop this dandy item is now lost....
you could have seen how well it fits.

Empty shotgun hull bag adapted from a resized flashlight holder design (thingiverse).

Window screen cornerpieces printed to replace factory molded pieces that had disintegrated due to UV exposure.

Aug 2015  Matrix Precision markets a Simple Metal bed upgrade to 8"X8"X8" across all three axis.
I chose to purchase the upgrade materials for X and Y only at this time.....
To perform the Matrix upgrade one need print a Y arm extension which I have and is shown above.
Don't know about you, but I'm quite plzed with how clean it came out.

Soup Can Birdhouse (thingiverse)
Printed without support producing nominal sag and banding (appears on inside only).
Successfully printed larger birdhouse for 65 mm diameter can.
A note regarding PLA and UV.
These were printed and installed on exterior post receiving direct sunlight summer of 2015.
As of March 2017, they are still intact and no more brittle than the day they were put out.

Drunk Domo Bottle Opener (thingiverse)

HelloT...y (thingiverse)
Booby prize for local shoot

Haniwa Horse (thingiverse)
First object to be printed utilizing support

Tribute to MC ESCHER (thingiverse)

            3" Roosevelt Bust (thingiverse)

6" Faux Marble (aka printrbot brite white pla)

Duck Bill Platy Hook (thingiverse)
Note the printed cooling fan shroud in photos.

'big' (298 layers) & 'lil' Moai (thingivere)
Printed without support, pleased with the nose, eyebrows, and  'Leno'esque jaw
when one considers these elements are printed over a void.

Spool Holder (thingiverse) printed for Simple Metal alum handle.
5+" on longest axis with surprisingly minimal warping during extrusion

Sometimes you feel like a nut & sometimes you don't.....
Perhaps.... I should say failure; which I've had a fair share of.
This example was aprox 2 hours into a lengthy print (due to size)
when it released from the bed and clung to the hot end before discovery.

Few prints are solid.
Most have an infill of varying % and design.
Shown is 20% and rectilinear.

Dolphin (printed without support) & Polar Bear Cub (thingiverse)

One of my Gianormous Nuts.
Did I  really just say that?

This Nut n Bolt project (thingiverse) had a combined
print time of just under eight hours.

Impossible Nut (thingiverse)

Coke Bottle Cap Match Case (thingiverse)

Linklings  (thingiverse)

Wait For It, Wait...
Ladies and Gentlemennnnnn....
 For a limited engagement; straight from the extruded strands of printrbot.
It's The Linkling Acrobots.....